my messy life

My story.  My messy life.

Married to my high school sweetheart and we are raising our two wonderful boys in our hometown of Ramsey, NJ.  We have a stinky pug named Huckleberry, who we love endlessly despite his many flaws.  I love spontaneous adventures, messy crafts, coffee morning through night, date nights when we are home in time to kiss the boys goodnight, crossing items off my ever-growing bucket list, traveling as much as I can,  and of course…photography.  Photography is not just something I enjoy, it truly is a part of me.

Our life is far from perfect and I fully embrace the notion that life is messy and that’s perfect.  Using my love of photography, I have documented my family’s story since the beginning. My kids have had a camera in their face since their first breath, literally.   They are not posed for my pictures and if there is any guidance, it’s always done in the form of a game or play so that I get the emotion-filled expressions that are legitimately happy, thoughtful, adoring, silly, or crazy.  My pictures are a treasure that will preserve these memories for us and show my boys that their young lives that were so rich with love and mundane experiences that they made truly extraordinary.  This story is my gift to them.

I began my journey as a professional photographer in 2009 and am grateful for the amazing people that have chosen to be in front of my camera and excited to meet many more in the future.